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inner artist feedback

   * As the 'designated driver' I can say I didn't miss the wine, I was so caught up in the painting (and it brings a whole new meaning to 'painting the town red'). Good times! Thx R *   * I'm not an artist, I haven't got an artistic bone in my body, or so I thought. I was a bit nervous but needn't have worried, I totally forgot about it, I was having such a good time. It's a great idea for something different to do (and I surprised myself by the end!). Sarah *   * I hadn't painted in a very long time but after A Brush With Wine felt inspired and I have bought some oil paints! Kate *    * We had a fabulous evening painting and sipping! Definitely recommending 'A Brush With Wine' to friends...x Fiona, Andrew and Georgie *   * ...a really brilliant evening on Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'm looking forward to the next 'A Brush With Wine' evening (my painting is up on the wall in my kitchen)! x Lucy *    * ***** 5 stars! Loved every minute. Chloe *   * It was awesome!! I went with girlfriends and it was super-excellent. I loved art at school but it was ages ago and it was fun to have a go again...the atmosphere was really relaxed. I'd pay more, it was really good value, I loved the painting! Great fun 🙂 definitely going back! Georgia *   * I had a wonderful birthday experience! Great music, a little wine and a lot of laughter - a brilliant evening. Thank you x Debbie *   * We just wanted to say thank you soooo much, we both had a fabulous time and our paintings have got pride of place in our living room! Lighthearted atmosphere. Loved it! When's the next one?! Mark & Jean *   * I always wanted to try painting, be more creative but without feeling like being back at school. It was really stress free and I left feeling happy, a bit more arty and the energy was amazing!! The artist, Jenny was fun and easy to follow. I'm definitely more in touch with my own inner artist 🙂 🙂 - Charlie *